Thursday, June 29, 2006

CLA Supplements

This is the next in a series of Bloggs around the subject of Supplements. This follows on from previous bloggs about Xenadrine, .

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For those people who have not heard much about CLA supplements, the abbreviation stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This dietary supplement has become increasingly popular among a wide variety of people from all walks of life. The main reason why people take conjugated linoleic supplements is, to battle weight loss and to preserve muscle tissue. Of course, there can also be other reasons, such as helping to fight the terrors of cancer. None the less, it is still only an attempt at prevention and not a cure.
CLA supplements are said to help in loosing weight and building lean muscle tissue. Studies have shown over the recent past that CLA supplements work really well when taken in the prescribed quantities only. Also, the customer reviews CLA supplements have been getting are very positive. People seem to be really benefiting from this great supplement.
Technically, CLA is an isomer of LA or Linoleic Acid and it is found mainly in the meat products and dairy products. Although, many people tend to be wary about any kind of supplement that promises to reduce body weight, this is a healthy alternative and does not have any harmful side effects. However, people should look at two things before starting to add CLA supplements.
The first is to make sure that they do not have any medical condition. They can consult their physician and find out whether they have a condition where they should not be having this supplement. The second is to make sure that they choose a reliable and trustworthy one of the scores of different CLA supplements that there is on the market nowadays.
Amongst other things, CLA supplements have also been proven to be very beneficial for the thyroid patients because these supplements are known to increase the metabolic rate in people. It also lowers the cholesterol level which is very essential for all thyroid patients. It also helps in developing an enhanced immune system which is beneficial to every one and not just thyroid patients.
There are very few ways through which you can get the desired amount of conjugated linoleic acid in your normal diet nowadays. And that is why CLA supplements are such a great innovation in this context. Like many similar products, CLA supplements should not be misconstrued as magic supplements. These supplements will not work wonders in the body over night. You would have to take the required dosage regularly for a fixed period of time. Moreover, like other supplements, you should follow a decent regimen of exercise. In addition, after that who knows but wonders would probably start showing in the structure of your body- including significant loss of unwanted fat and the preservation and growth of lean muscle tissue. CLA supplements do not require a prescription and are widely available both in various drug stores and on the internet.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hi I thought I would add a picture of myself and my daughter during a recent Ski trip - which happened to be a great way to stay in shape... anyway enough of that for now...

This is another in a series of blogs I have created to highlight some of the things I have found out during many years of interest in supplements & nutrition.

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Countless ways have been devised and marketed by individuals and businesses to help people in weight loss. Although, Xenadrine treatment is yet another of those ways by which people can lose weight, it has proved to be an incredibly effective method. Xenadrine is marketed by Cytodyne Technologies and has been increasingly growing in popularity over the last few years.

The most popular Xenadrine product right now in the market is Xenadrine EFX. These are selling like hot cakes and have been getting very positive reviews from people who have been taking them for weight loss. This version of xenadrine is free of ephedrine unlike most of the other versions that used to be marketed by Cytodyne Technologies. Xenadrine RFA1 used to be really popular too but it came under the scanner, which was mostly because people tended to misuse it too much.

The main reason Xenadrine RFA1 use was checked is because it contained ephedrine, which has proved to be a topic for research for quite some time now. Most of the times, the problem was that people tend to sometimes take more the prescribed dosage in their eagerness to lose weight, as soon as possible.
Having said that, it has come to light that Xenadrine EFX has been doing really well and there has been no indication of any side effects, like the other ephedrine containing fat burners. A lot of the diet and weight loss products in the market contain ephedrine and so this Xenadrine EFX comes as a great respite in the face of all this. It proves to be a healthy alternative with no ‘negative’ ingredients.

The amazing thing about Xenadrine EFX is that it really helps in significant weight loss without the presence of ephedrine. This comes as quite a surprise because most weight loss products hardly work in the absence of ephedrine. But that is not the case here as Xenadrine EFX has proven that it can help to significantly reduce body weight and burn body fat without the presence of ephedrine.

This effectiveness is doubtless brought about by a great mix of ingredients. Some of the main ingredients include Yerba Mate, green tea extract, tyroplex, Isotherm and grape seed extract. Most of the ingredients have one benefit or the other.
Therefore, the effectiveness of Xenadrine EFX is actually not restricted to just the realm of weight loss or fat burning. For example, the tyrosine, it contains can also act as a mood enhancer and has been proven to alleviate depression in people who have taken Xenadrine EFX.
Apart from this, green tea extract helps in blocking harmful carcinogens and acts as a major anti-oxidant. Other benefits include better attention spans and greater energy. All these go a long way in saying that Xenadrine EFX is a great and more importantly a very healthy way to lose body weight.

In case, you are planning to go on a diet of this supplement, you must check the side effects and read all the ingredients. If you suffer from any chronic diseases, it is advisable to go and check with your physician.

If you want to find out more or think that this supplement may be of help then a quality site that I have found with good reviews of Xenadrine is All Your Nutrition

Friday, June 09, 2006


This is hopefully the first of many articles on what I have found over the years in the area of supplements and nutrition. If you find it interesting then please post a comment.

Well I've been looking around over number of years at the best weight loss supplements around and I firmly believe that the Xenadrine family of Products provides the best results. I've tried to summarise what I've found and learnt below

I believe that Xenadrine-EFX provides the most effective and safest approach to losing weight on the market today. This innovative formula was created by the same researchers that brought you the original Xenadrine. The result is a true thermogenic breakthrough that is unequaled in its ability to increase metabolism and promote the fastest possible fat-loss, muscle-sparing results.

In one major university study, the increase in metabolic activity and caloric expenditure produced by Xenadrine-EFX was so extraordinary that even the researchers were shocked. In further case studies, participants lost up to 20 pounds of fat in only 14 days time! These stunning results were up until now, completely unheard of! Scientists believe that Xenadrine-EFX is so much more effective at promoting rapid fat loss because it directly targets a multitude of key metabolic pathways, simultaneously! This is a scientific first! And on the way, this one-of-a-kind supplement also greatly enhances mental focus and acuity, increases energy, suppresses appetite and provides valuable antioxidant activity, all at the same time.

Let's quickly review a few of the key ingredients in Xenadrine EFX.

1) l-tyrosine and acetyl-l-tyrosine: tyrosine is an amino acid that is a precursor for a number of neurotransmitters related to our feeling and mood. A deficiency in this results in depression and reduced ability to cope with stress, so with Xenadrine EFX you may get a lift in your mood. :) A good thing.
2) Green tea extract: what can you say about green tea? Pretty much everything good, and nothing bad. Take a look:
Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. (Antioxidants control all the free radicals in your body, which can be harmful.)
It helps block the cancer-promoting actions of carcinogens, ultraviolet light from the skin, stomach, small intestine, liver or lung.
The polyphenols in green tea extract shows promising results supporting weight loss through increasing energy expenditure.
3) PEA: Phenylethylamine (PEA) helps increase attention and activity and has been shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients.
4) Yerba Mate: This herb contain a gentle form of caffeine, it also supplies vitamins, minerals, and 15 amino acids. Research suggests that yerba mate may aid with sleep irregularities and joint pains. Many people drink yerba mate to boost energy without the side effects of coffee.

So if after hearing all of this you want to get into shape then why not try it - if you want a low cost high quality site then why not take a look at ALL YOUR NUTRITION which specialises in Xenadrine