Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Xenadrine - Some advisory information

There are many weight loss supplements in the world, but it would appear that Xenadrine is proving to be one of the most effective. Xenadrine is a thermogenic weight loss supplement, which means it raises the body temperature, helping to burn calories in the process.

When using Xenadrine people should be aware that the most successful results are found when it is used in conjunction with an exercise routine. There are some studies which claim people using Xenadrine lost 524% more fat and 729% more weight than the people in the placebo group lost. Whilst these claims could probably be proven the effects of Xenadrine will not be as extreme for everyone.

Xenadrine has had to discontinue the production of its RFA-1 product as it contained ephedra – which is now a band substance. They have now released some ephedra free products which are also proving to be very successful.

However you should be aware that you will need to cycle the use of these products as it has been proven that the body will build up a tolerance to thermogenic effects. This will cause you to require more to sustain the same effect. Cycling the use of this product should reduce this effect. I would recommend a cycle term of 6-8 weeks depending on your tolerances followed by a rest period of 3-4 weeks. I would further recommend not taking this product for anymore than 3-4 cycles a year.

Common side effects from Xenadrine include anxiety, frequent thirst, sweating, increased or rapid heartbeat, and restlessness, roughly the same as the side effects from drinking too much coffee, which comes as no surprise because of the caffeine found in Xenadrine products.

Very few people report these side effects when using Xenadrine. If you have had bad reactions to caffeine, or are worried about side effects, try using a different type of weight loss or bodybuilding supplement, such as CLA, or Isopure.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nutritional Site

I have re-launched my supplement site All Your Nutrition and would be interested to hear peoples views on it - does it provide the right supplements, are people looking for other supplements, is it too cheap, too expensive, does the site look professional enough, etc...

I am aiming at the Xenadrine, Zantrex 3, Creatine, Isopure, & CLA Supplement users but if you think there is a gap in the market then let me know and I would be happy to try and fill it.

I look forward to hearing your views on All Your Nutrition.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Caloric Burn and Xenadrine EFX

According to the NIH December report on "The Interaction of Physical Activity and Nutrition," medical researchers concluded that patients taking ephedra-free Xenadrine EFX increased caloric burn counts into the double digits.

Doctors say patients taking Xenadrine EFX were closely monitored and showed no signs of cardiac side effects, which are potential concerns of some people using ephedra.

The same research team also reports that it compared the efficacy of ephedra-free Xenadrine EFX to the efficacy of ephedra-based Dexatrim Natural and ephedra-based Metab-O-Lite diet pills. The conclusions, published in the "Journal of the American College of Nutrition," indicate patients burned significantly more calories taking ephedra-free Xenadrine EFX compared to when they took the two ephedra-based brands.

Chief Clinical Investigator Howard Schwartz, MD, Internal Medicine, South Miami Hospital, Director of Clinical Research at Miami Research Associates, Florida, site of the diet capsule clinical studies, says "The trials involved randomly selected patients whose resting metabolic rates were measured with an indirect calorimeter." Dr. Schwartz explains, "It is a device, recently approved for medical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is proven to accurately determine how many calories a person is burning by gauging biological gases, respiratory rates and oxygen consumption levels." He adds, "Based on calculations, patients taking Xenadrine EFX daily would, on average, lose 25 pounds annually without altering current lifestyles."

Clinical Conclusions

In phase one of the clinical trial, patients only took Xenadrine EFX . Patients' metabolic rates were measured with an indirect calorimeter before they took the diet agent and every hour for five hours.

The study concluded that Xenadrine EFX increased metabolic rates by as much as 13.41 percent.

In phase two of the clinical trial, patients were given Xenadrine EFX on the first day. On day two they were given Dexatrim Natural. On Day three they were given Metab-O-Lite. Patients' metabolic rates were measured with an indirect calorimeter before and an hour after taking a pill.

The study concluded patients burned five percent more calories taking ephedra-free Xenadrine EFX compared to taking ephedra-based Dexatrim Natural. And, they burned 4.9 percent more calories taking ephedra-free Xenadrine EFX compared to taking ephedra-based Metab-O-Lite.

Thanks to SupplementQuality for the contents of this blogg.

Hopefully you have found this article of help in deciding whether to use Xenadrine EFX or not. If you do decide to use this product then ensure that you visit a reputable Supplement store to buy the Product

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Xenadrine NRG Review

There are tons of Xenadrine NRG reviews on the internet. Almost all of these reviews are trying to sell you it and they therefore have almost nothing bad to say about the product.

Lets take a look at the real Product and see what it has to offer

First, the product was released after the original Xenadrine product had to be discontinued because of the ban on ephedra.

Because ephedra worked so well, the makers of fat burners and weight loss pills had to come up with a new product to make up for all the sales they had lost.

So, what are the ingredients in this new formula and what properties do they have?

One of the most touted ingredients in Xenadrine NRG is Norambrolide. What exactly does this do?

Scientifically, it increases c-AMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate). c-AMP induces certain enzymes to transfer fat from cells. This therefore leads quite logically leads onto the theory that it drains the body of fat

To be perfectly honest, it's hard to tell if this theory actually works effectively until further independent studies are conducted in reputable journals verifying it or discrediting it. Take anything the company itself publishes with a grain of salt.

Having said this, the other ingredients in Xenadrine NRG are pretty decent stuff.

Such as:

Yerba Mate: This herb contain a gentle form of caffeine, it also supplies vitamins, minerals, and 15 amino acids. Research suggests that yerba mate may aid with sleep irregularities and joint pains. Many people drink yerba mate to boost energy without the side effects of coffee.

On the scale of potency, however, yerba mate is fairly tame from a stimulant point of view.

Green tea extract: what can you say about green tea? Pretty much everything good, and nothing bad. Take a look:

• Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. (Antioxidants control all the free radicals in your body, which can be harmful.)
• It helps block the cancer-promoting actions of carcinogens, ultraviolet light from the skin, stomach, small intestine, liver or lung.
• The polyphenols in green tea extract shows promising results supporting weight loss through increasing energy expenditure.
Green tea is showing pretty solid promise as a weight loss agent and metabolic booster, but it's good to see that Xenadrine NRG also has some substances such as this that are simply good for you.

Guarana: Guarana is an herb used as a fat burner/weight loss agent. In my opinion guarana is one of the most promising ingredients in this Xenadrine NRG review.

GuaranĂ¡ contains, among many other things, a high concentration of a compound called tetramethylxanthine. This substance is nearly identical to caffeine. Now, the really interesting property of this herb is that its caffeine-like compound is released slowly, over the course of many hours, thereby producing an enduring energy boost, which continues to escalate over that time.

As such, it is said to have an ability to keep the body's metabolism burning at an elevated rate over time, leading to greater fat burning effects and weight loss.

If you read company claims for Xenadrine NRG, they call it Xenadrine NRG 8 hour because it will supposedly give you an energy boost that lasts that long.

Part of the reason it may indeed work is because of the properties of Guarana.

There are other ingredients that are in this product that we could cover in this Xenadrine NRG review, they are not bad, but just that some of them aren't promising as effective fat burning/weight loss aids.

As just one example, Xenadrine NRG also contains the amino acid L-tyrosine, which may boost your mood, but it's not going to boost your metabolism.

Why does Xenadrine put substances like this in? Probably because if you also feel better on the product, then you have a higher chance of reordering it again and again.

Now that we'e covered the "good" part of our Xenadrine Review, let's get into the potentially "bad."

We would be remiss if we didn't warn people about side effects to consider in using Xenadrine NRG

Even though Xenadrine no longer contains ephedra, it does contain powerful stimulants, such as the ones discussed above.

Since a lot of these substances have caffeine and caffeine like properties, it's not uncommon to experience a range of side effects that may include: the jitters, nervousness, insomnia.

More rarely, but still possible, can be side effects such as: increased blood pressure and heart palpitations.

If you know you don't react well to caffeine, then you should certainly avoid Xenadrine NRG

Never take more than the recommended dosage, and if that makes you feel too "jittery," then cut back to half the recommended dosage. If you still feel "wired," then you should probably discontinue using the product.

Hopefully you have found this article of help in deciding whether to use Xenadrine NRG or not. If you do decide to use this product then ensure that you visit a reputable Supplement store to buy the Product

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Proper Supplementation of Creatine

The best results will be seen by having a loading phase - usually 5 days followed by a maintenance phase, followed by a wash-out phase during Creatine supplementation. A loading phase is used as it helps the muscles become saturated with Creatine faster. This would mean that the maximum effects of Creatine supplementation could be experienced faster in one week rather than four to six weeks as would be seen without the loading phase. Here is a brief summary of these phases for creatine Supplementation.

The Loading Phase - The loading phase consists of 5 days where the body will be loaded with approximately .3 grams of creatine per kilogram of bodyweight. This should be taken 5 times a day. You should ensure that each dosage is taken with roughly 16 ounces of water. Taking a large amount of Creatine can put extra strain on the kidneys, the water will aid in minimising the concentration of theCreatine and help in it being assimilated. The additional amount of water should be taken in addition to your normal daily fluid in-take this will ensure that the kidneys operate in an optimal way. Do not load for more than five days consistantly.

The Maintenance Phase - After completing the loading phase, one should take a maintenance dosage everyday equal to about .03 grams of creatine per kilogram of bodyweight. Continue this for one month, then stop supplementation for one month to allow for a "wash-out" phase. Afterwards, repeat the loading phase and mainentance as described above. Since the maintenance dosage is only taken once per day, it is generally recommended to take it with or after a meal. This will cause insulin to be released which will help to "shuttle" Creatine into the muscle cells.

If you would like to try this supplementation regime then why not take a look at a high quality nutritional site that has a wide range of creatine supplements