Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Proper Supplementation of Creatine

The best results will be seen by having a loading phase - usually 5 days followed by a maintenance phase, followed by a wash-out phase during Creatine supplementation. A loading phase is used as it helps the muscles become saturated with Creatine faster. This would mean that the maximum effects of Creatine supplementation could be experienced faster in one week rather than four to six weeks as would be seen without the loading phase. Here is a brief summary of these phases for creatine Supplementation.

The Loading Phase - The loading phase consists of 5 days where the body will be loaded with approximately .3 grams of creatine per kilogram of bodyweight. This should be taken 5 times a day. You should ensure that each dosage is taken with roughly 16 ounces of water. Taking a large amount of Creatine can put extra strain on the kidneys, the water will aid in minimising the concentration of theCreatine and help in it being assimilated. The additional amount of water should be taken in addition to your normal daily fluid in-take this will ensure that the kidneys operate in an optimal way. Do not load for more than five days consistantly.

The Maintenance Phase - After completing the loading phase, one should take a maintenance dosage everyday equal to about .03 grams of creatine per kilogram of bodyweight. Continue this for one month, then stop supplementation for one month to allow for a "wash-out" phase. Afterwards, repeat the loading phase and mainentance as described above. Since the maintenance dosage is only taken once per day, it is generally recommended to take it with or after a meal. This will cause insulin to be released which will help to "shuttle" Creatine into the muscle cells.

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