Friday, February 23, 2007

Rise in Children Given Nutritional Supplements by Parents

Physicians should assume that a significant percentage of children take at least one nutritional supplement, judging from data presented at a conference on dietary supplements sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Laurie Demeritt, president of the Hartman Group, a consumer market research firm in Bellevue, Wash., presented data illustrating the growing use of nutritional or dietary supplements by children and their families. Those supplements can be familiar multivitamin or vitamin and mineral preparations, herbal and botanical products, or specialized supplements.

Parents see supplements as prevention tools to decrease the likelihood that their children will get sick "down the road," she said. "Having children is one of the top motivators for parents to try wellness products." But parents are not very savvy as they try to buy into a lifestyle of wellness, she added.

Parents spend an estimated $286 million on children's vitamins alone each year, or 4% of the overall vitamin market.

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Source: Family Pratice News, April 15, 2001 by Sally Koch Kubetin

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